Providence, Rhode Island based Work/Death, operated by Scott Reber, is an intersection of musique concrete, electro-acoustic improv and composition, field recording, drone, harsh noise, physical performance, and the pop song. As the name suggests it is a labor of determination, focus, and quality accumulating over a lifetime. For the past 10 years he has synthesized sounds of the 20th century. His multimodal composition process navigates effortlessly between the intellectualist avant garde and the noise underground with its violent removal of musical structures. paraphrasing reber himself, “David Tudor or Alvin Lucier as prototype wall noise via early mapping of crunch, crumble, cracks, crackle, ruptures, space, and moving air that would later be central to The Rita, Macronympha.” Work/Death exemplifies the subtlety of pain and the intensity of tenderness. Garbage in. Garbage out.