Seed Pod Pals was created after the acquisition of 10 seed pod shells found sitting at the base of a tree in Glendale last winter. With an admiration for the communal polyrhythms of Moondog, the rapid call and response panting games of Inuits, and the acute listening required to hear insects walking on leaves, Mitchell Brown invited some good folks over to his kitchen floor for some fruit tasting and jamming. CTRL+ALT+REPEAT will host the 2nd public performance of this nebulous acoustic ensemble.

Brown doubles as Professor Cantaloupe while DJing on KXLU on Wednesday nights for a children’s show, The Kids Are Alright, and Glossolalia, a sound-art show. He runs the Melon Expander record label, supporting humble hermits working in the field of head music. He has performed and/or recorded analog electronic and/or electro-acoustic music with: Joseph Hammer, Rick Potts, Joe Potts, Damian Bisciglia, Trevor Wishart, Tom Recchion, Petra Haden, Leticia Castaneda, Jeremy Drake, John Weise, Ezra Buchla, Lionel Marchetti, Jerome Noetinger, Space Machine, Points of Friction, and Thomas Dimuzio among others.

Brown often takes cues of focused listening from the developmentally disabled children he has assisted daily since ’95 at a special education school in Glendale. In some of the children, the reduced capability to interact with others allows them to flourish internally through self-stimulation of the senses in a solipsistic manner. In 2000, the project Aralina Ping began, giving select higher-functioning students the opportunity to express themselves through playing electro-acoustic music with him outside of the school. Brown organized the Cotton Candy Octopusland Festival in 2004, which was a rare showcase for the encouragement of the creative arts in children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Mitchell Brown seed pod shells, breath, percussion
Michael Intriere cello
Heather Lockie violin
David Rothbaum seed pod shells
David Kendall seed pod shells
Jean Paul Garnier seed pod shells