Glenn Bach received his M.F.A. in Drawing and Painting from California State University, Long Beach. As an artist who works with sound and music, Bach weaves field recordings, digital audio, and analog electronics into deep mediative soundscapes. His sound works have appeared on numerous compilations, labels, and online projects, including two solo releases, Diamond Finesse and Brumal, both on the Stasisfield label. He has performed and improvised with musicians such as Steve Roden, Jeffrey Roden, G.E. Stinson, Steuart Liebig, Aaron Ximm, j.frede, Josh Russell, Haco, Marcos Fernandes, Lisle Ellis, smgsap, Spastic Colon, Noah Thomas, Joseph Richard Negro, David Nadal, Matt Pogue, Cat Lamb, Lewis Keller, Bob Bellerue, Mitchell Brown, Jessica Catron, Jeremy Drake, David Kendall, Michael Raco-Rands, Marco Schindelmann, Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra and others. Bach leads the improvising ensemble Double Blind, a vehicle for collaborative soundscapes, and the all-electronics ensemble Intense Situations of Peril, focused on sampling the foley and sound effects from mainstream films along with field recordings and other raw material gathered in the geographical locations depicted in those movies. He has collaborated with Chicago-based artist John Kannenberg on Two Cities, an audio-visual meditation on ambulatory experiences of place, and Dispersal Patterns, a documentation of live improvisations on Chicago-area radio.

The act of walking consistently appears throughout Bach’s work and processes, particularly in his ongoing long-poem, Atlas Peripatetic. Inspired by a six-month cataloging of sounds heard on his morning walk, Bach samples the nearly 1,300 sound descriptions as inspiration for a series of textual improvisations, found poetry, remixes of FAQs and “how-to” guides, and other poetic meditations on the intricate associations and connections triggered by the original sounds. Excerpts have appeared in online and print journals such as The Argotist Online, Aught, DIAGRAM, Free Verse, hutt, jubilat, mprsnd, Pearl, Shampoo, Snorkel, Softblow, and The Tiny. Hundreds of his previous poems appeared in small presses during the 1990s, and he received three Pushcart Prize nominations for his poetry in print.

Also active as a curator, Bach oversees the MPRNTBL netlabel, showcasing field recordings, lowercase, analog noise, and collaborative soundscapes from Intense Situations of Peril, Double Blind, Mem1, Aaron Ximm, and more. Bach curated a six-night music festival, Slow Sound, in September 2009;, a six-day festival of experimental and improvised music, in April 2005; and a monthly house concert series, Quiet, that featured some of the leading figures in quiet (lowercase) music.

Bach currently lives and works in Long Beach, California.