Damion Romero is a sound artist/sculptor and visual artist from Los Angeles. Romero’s main focus is with "resonant electro-acoustic feedback systems" using audio power amplifiers and a variety of transducers and "feedback regenerators" of his own design. The goal is to saturate the atmosphere with natural acoustic standing waves and pulses, large sounds, that are affected (or held in place) by very small movements in order to magnify an (as of yet) indescribable phenomenon. Public performances have taken place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Tokyo, Osaka, And Matsuyama. His work under the name Speculum Fight has been released on numerous record labels worldwide. In addition to performance and recordings of Damion’s sound work, he has also been actively using similar feedback techniques to produce visual artwork. These are visible patterns on paper (and other flat media) created directly by sound waves. Some of these works have appeared in a handful of solo and group shows in Los Angeles and Seattle, and also reside in the Collection of Eileen and Peter Norton, Santa Monica.

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