Luke Moldof is an electronic musician based out of Providence, Rhode Island. He received a BM from the New England Conservatory of Music. His current work utilizes flexible real-time modular electronic systems that split the difference between composition and improvisation through complex feedback loops and varying degrees of controlled randomness. Often these systems are made to respond to or coincide with the outside influence of reel to reel tape loops, field recordings, and prepared guitar improvisations. Moldof has performed at venues across the United States and has collaborated with artists such as Greg Kelley, Joe Morris, Vic Rawlings, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Howard Stelzer, CF, and Stephen Drury’s Callithumpian Consort. He is a member of the experimental electronic duo, Perispirit alongside Ricardo Donoso, as well as the deceased power electronic duo Craniopagus, with Jesse Ward. He has released recordings on Hospital Productions, Digitalis Industries, Ecstatic Peace, Ekhein, and his own most likely defunct Razors and Medicine imprint, amongst others.