Terry Riley’s In C (1964), the composition that brought the minimalistic music movement to prominence, will be performed by a mixed instrumental ensemble plus robotics at ctrl+alt+repeat 2005. “The pulse” of the work will be played by robotics designed by Redux. Also on the program will be improvised laptop sets by media artist Kadet Kuhne, Glenn Bach, electroacoustic duo Mem1, and RS-232 who will perform his work Hete/Koude for laptop and acoustic instruments.


Kadet Kuhne is a media artist based out of Los Angeles whose work includes installation, music composition and filming. Kadet’s installations center around the creation of spatialized and interactive environments using hacked electronics, sensors and live processing as a means to explore conditioned behavioral patterns as they relate to control and the nervous system. Kadet’s electronic music produces a virtual acoustic atmosphere with layered ambiences, percussive fragments and glitchy textures. In addition to performing live and producing tracks, she composes for film, new media, theatre and dance. As an experimental filmmaker she has multiple film and video shorts that are screened worldwide.

Past exhibitions and performances include venues such as the Museum of Art Lucerne, LA Contemporary Museum of Art, Musees de Strasbourg, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, The Weisman Art Museum in Mpls, Highways Gallery- LA, New York Underground Film Festival, Rhode Island School of Design and the Knitting Factory- LA.


Glenn Bach is a visual artist, poet, and sound artist, with an M.F.A. in Drawing and Painting from CSULB. His latest project, Atlas Peripatetic, is a long-poem inspired by the sounds of his morning walk. He runs the Center for the Study of Pedestrian Culture. For ctrl+alt+repeat, he will be mixing a series of mostly unaltered field recordings.


RS-232 has been active in the performing community in and around the Los Angeles area for approximately 10 years spanning numerous musical disciplines from experimental to jazz to indie rock and has shared the stage with such varied artists as Midnight Movies, Fog, O.S.T., and Jeremy Drake. RS-232’s work incorporates minimalistic conceptual sample sets and homemade circuit-bent devices, as well as more traditional instruments. Besides releasing works online, RS-232’s music appeared on Simballrec’s 45 Seconds of… CD, and plans are in the way for a new CD to be released in 2005. His work, Hete/Koude will be featured at Ctrl+Alt+Repeat.

Hete/Koude is a piece which is rooted in juxtaposition. The piece highlights opposing sonic and tonal elements in a fluid and seamless manner. Beginning with static and ending in a C major chord, it vacillates back and forth from dissonance to consonance and from pure noise to more familiar sonorities such as orchestral samples. Hete/Koude further contemplates oppositional elements by transitioning between modern computer generated sounds and sounds created from traditional acoustic instruments played live and in real time.


Mem1 is a collaborative venture between cellist Laura Thomas-Merino & laptop artist MK Villeret. In their improvisation-based performances, the cello is manipulated using custom software built by villeret in Max/MSP. Extended cello technique is magnified by live signal processing, which is in turn influenced by the sounds produced by the cello. The result is a subtle electroacoustic hybrid that culminates not in a duet between two individuals, but in a single performance by a fused and cohesive instrument. utilizing a limitless palate of sonic possibilities, Mem1’s sound is a constant evolution of textures ranging from sparse to dense, ambient to beat-driven tranquil to volatile… The listener is submerged in layers of distinctive, complex patterns which provide a focus not on melody or lyricism but an opportunity to listen beyond such structural confines. There is a sense of narrative, but one that unravels organically, almost in slow motion.

Mem1 has performed at Ctrl+Alt+Repeat 2004 with the renowned Penderecki String Quartet, and were invited to play at the LA ArtFest 2005, and SoundWalk 2005 in Long Beach. They will be travelling to Vancouver, Canada to perform in September.


A joint collaboration between Cera and RS-232, Redux exists as an exercise in destruction and recombination. Like so much of the world around us, we take for granted the potential reflective power of otherwise innocuous objects. Once properly reconfigured, an ordinary children’s toy becomes an item of fascination, reflection and even revulsion. Seeing objects normally associated with the simple joy of baby’s playtime so radically misfiring and shrieking can seem unsettling to some – but they are machines after all, unthinking and nonliving. Our projects attempt to nudge the notions of burgeoning life to toy with playthings that have had the machine teased out of them. So far, they are getting along just fine.

Redux designed the “robotics” that beat out “the pulse” of Terry Riley’s In c. Past performances include CEAIT 2005 at Walt Disney Hall’s Redcat and Koo’s Gallery; they currently are busy creating an installation for SoundWalk 2005 in Long Beach. Check your local storm drain for further details.