Keith Fullerton Whitman is a musician based in Cambridge, MA, USA. His current work is split into two avenues:

1). “Live Electronic Music” ; largely improvised and/or performed in loose, through-composed or “Automatic” frameworks on a scalable array of hardware modular synthesis equipment.

2). “Studio Music” ; largely concerned with transformation of Acoustic & Electronic materials via Musique Concrète techniques, but also with Systems-Music.

He has been active since the mid-1990’s, first as a performer of real-time computer music (as “Hrvatski”), then computer-processed instrumental music (i.e. the “Playthroughs” system), and now a variety of hardware-based synthesis & process-oriented musics (“Generator”, “Occlusion” etc.) He has been known to playfully mix through-composed work with pure improvisation & “hands-off” algorithmic & generative systems.

Keith graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Synthesis under the tutelage of Richard Boulanger in 1995. He has since lectured in Computer Music and the History of Electronic Music, as well as giving “Artist Talks” at Harvard, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

In addition, to his own music, he is known for his realizations & performances of pieces by Dick Raaijmakers, and Conrad Schnitzler. He has also performed alongside Tony Conrad, Charlemagne Palestine, and Terry Riley in improvisational settings as well as performing the work of Rhys Chatham & Phill Niblock in ensemble settings.