Ernst Karel is a musician, sound recordist, composer, and anthropologist of sound. His two newest CD projects, on the Gruenrekorder and and/OAR record labels, are constructed with unmanipulated location recordings edited as imageless observational cinema. He performs and records improvised experimental electronic and electroacoustic music using modular analog electronics and/or location recordings, including the electroacoustic duo project EKG with Kyle Bruckmann, and the New England Phonographers Union. In addition to his own work, he also does sound editing, mixing, and sound design for nonfiction and experimental film and video. Musicians with whom Karel has performed on trumpet and/or analog electronics include Michael Zerang, Otomo Yoshihide, Weasel Walter, Sabine Vogel, Ken Vandermark, TV Pow, Gino Robair, Vic Rawlings, Key Ransone, Gert-Jan Prins, Polwechsel, Jeff Parker, Toshimaru Nakamura, Helen Mirra, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Annette Krebs, Jason Kahn, Jeph Jerman, Giuseppe Ielasi, Steven Hess, Chris Heenan, Boris Hauf, David Grubbs, Kevin Drumm, Bobby Conn, Audrey Chen, Cheer-Accident, Lucio Capece, Alessandro Bosetti, Blowhole, Olivia Block, Thomas Ankersmit, Jason Ajemian, Josh Abrams, and others.